Treatment Testimonials

Here's what my clients thought of their treatments:


(Reflexology given for fertility issues)
Heather, we just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us through our fertility problems. We are so lucky to now be having a baby and we don't think it would have happened without the Reflexology treatment from you! Loads of love from Julie and James Turner xxx, Derbyshire.
Congratulations to Julie and James on the safe arrival of little Elliot James Turner!

(Reflexology given for stress and anxiety and stress related sleep disorders)
My first appointment with Heather was on January 8th 2008. After I had my first treatment my feet felt like I was walking on air and I could feel a little difference. Reflexology has helped me with my immune system, I now only have 2 colds a year and a chest infection every other year which has very much helped me. Reflexology has really benefitted me, it is really relaxing and soothing and I look forward to having it twice a month. It has helped with my conditions, it really has! I also like the Finger Free Reflexology which I had last month. I can honestly say I will always have Reflexology, it really does make a difference for me. Heather is a very highly qualified Reflexologist and has that special technique. I cannot thank Heather enough for what she has done for me - Thank You Very Much! Mrs. P. Skelton, Derbyshire.

(Reflexology given for back pain)
When your body is falling to bits, the back ache is continuous and the sciatic pain in one of your legs has been the cause for broken sleep for five weeks, the usual first port of call is the chiropractor and/or the doctor. When they can’t subdue the pain and correct the cause, where do you go? Well for me it was the fourth emergency service, Heather Hull and her tried and tested reflexology. There are those who will chastise this therapy, however the proof is always in the outcome. I had used Heather for stress management and help for chronic hay fever for over 10 years. So when nothing the mainstream medical practitioners could offer was working, I went to see Heather. After the first session I managed my first good night’s sleep, after the second the pain in the back had gone. Having now completed the third, I have no pain in my leg and the tendonitis in the right side of my body is improving. For me, it worked and I would not hesitate in recommending Heather Hull as the fourth emergency service! Jillian Thomas, Sheffield.

Reiki Healing:

(Reiki given for stress, anxiety and sleeplessness)
I have benefitted from my Reiki treatments with Heather as I now have a more relaxed approach to life, am better able to deal with stressful situations, and I have a more positive outlook and consistent mood. I would not hesitate to recommend this treatment by Heather for anyone looking for non-medical treatment. It is truly amazing. Thank you, Heather. Angela Lodge, Sheffield.

(Reiki given for tension in neck, back pain, low energy, PMT)

I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely Reiki healing session you gave me last Monday, I felt wonderful all week. I'm hoping to get booked in again soon. Warmest Regards, Sally, Rotherham.

(Reiki given for mental health issues)
Hi Heather, I just don't know how I can thank you enough for advising me to have some Reiki healing sessions. I have been very ill with depression as you know. I am on medication and was feeling a lot better... or so I thought! But I didn't realise that I still wasn't my old self until I had the Reiki sessions. My first was so amazing and the strength I received from that was so unbelievable. The second just as good but in a totally different way in that I seem to have lost all the pain and heaviness I was carrying around with me, all the old rubbish I needed to get rid of from my past that was in my mind. I feel a sense of calm, peace and I feel incredibly lifted by it all. I am so full of admiration with how wonderful you have helped me feel. I could go on for ever about what you have done for me. God Bless you, my Earth Angel. Thank you so much, again and again. Lots of love, Irene xxx.
And thank you, Irene, for the beautiful flowers!

(Continuing Reiki given for confidence and self esteem)

My Dear Earth Angel Heather, how can I begin to thank you for my Reiki sessions the 4th one...But I'm still amazed. I feel so well and energised but calm and relaxed. God Bless you I'm so content with my life since having the Reiki sessions. How wonderful life is! I sat in my car after the Reiki session and on the radio was Elton John singing 'YOUR SONG'...... "How wonderful life is now you're in the world". Need I Say More?! Lots of love, Irene xxx.

(Reiki given for fluid on eye/retina which had led to sudden and severe loss of vision):

Hi Heather, I thought you might like to know I had another eye scan today. Good news, when I first had a scan my retina was 428 thick and it is supposed to be 200. Today it was 300 which means that the swelling has gone down by just over a half. The Consultant said that this is really good in the time that has elapsed and he said he would leave the laser treatment as I seem to be healing myself (well, Reiki is!). So fingers crossed this will continue until it goes completely. I will have another scan in 4-6 weeks unless the symptoms completely disappear. Thank you so much for your help, I think you are playing a big part. See you next week. Sally Whittaker, Sheffield.


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EFT for Nerves and Anxiety - Promotion Interview and Career Progression

I am a police officer and I had been trying to get through a promotion interview and presentation board for several years, nerves/anxiety always got the better of me on my two previous attempts.

I came across EFT after research around assistance for my nerves etc., via the internet.

I spoke to several practitioners but plumped for Heather after speaking at length to her about the treatment.

I went for my first session with an open mind and during the first actual EFT procedure I immediately noticed a difference in my head which was unsolicited and was the start of the unblocking process.

I had 3 sessions in total with Heather all were very positive and I felt a increase in confidence each time.

My overall confidence has been increased greatly and best of all I have passed my promotion board with flying colours.

In short EFT has given me the confidence to achieve my ambition, I also feel much more confident generally.

I cannot thank or recommend Heather and the treatment enough.
Dave Nash, Derbyshire.

EFT for Personal Relationships

EFT via Skype

"EFT was something I had never really done before and as the whole session was done over Skype, I wasn’t sure if it was going to benefit me in any way at all – and oh how wrong I was!

At the start of the session I was asked to explain what I thought my problems were and what caused me the most emotional distress. We then summed my problems up into one phrase, which we then repeated while tapping the various “tapping-points” on the face, the hands and the upper body. As Heather was tapping simultaneously it wasn’t a problem that I didn’t know all of the points before hand. With every tapping cycle, the phrases were slightly adjusted to fit any new thoughts or feelings that came up. Even though I was unsure if EFT was going to help me, I immediately felt myself relaxing and sensations in my chest and solar plexus arising. All of the sensations were very pleasant and at no point during the session did I feel uncomfortable.

I must say that after about 1 hour of tapping and repeating my phrases, I felt a lot lighter on the subject and could physically feel the energy moving from my chest to my throat. As we carried on, the sensations moved to my ears and eventually were released (apparently the releasing points are different for everyone!).

By the time we were about 1,5 hours into the session, I was laughing for no reason, yawning, had teary eyes and a great feeling of total relaxation and a generally positive attitude towards life. The best thing was at the end of the therapy, I was able to laugh at the problem I had mentioned at the beginning.

I am really glad I contacted Heather to give this a go, as she is a really nice, friendly and funny woman who helped me identify my problems and individually worked on them with me until I was able to talk and think about them with a great feeling in my heart and a beaming smile on my face :-)

Thanks Heather, for helping me release my blocked energy and helping me feel good again about myself. I am looking forward to the next time I encounter my “problem” again in day to day life..I just can’t wait to see the results of the EFT in action." Steven, Austria, session via Skype.

EFT for Panic Attacks

EFT saved my life...sort of

"It's hard to put into words what EFT has done for me. Because when there you are, smack in the middle of what your nearest and dearest is telling 999 is your first "panic attack", about to prodigiously throw up prior to a bout of prolonged sobbing, words suddenly seem very, very feeble and useless things. Certainly words of comfort from the medics didn't work and neither did the same administered by said beloved. No, the only thing that got me out of what feels like a very deep, dark hole I to which one is sinking fast was a tap, tap, tapping on my forehead.

Same again two months later when the frantic insanity of Palermo, Sicily began to fling to the edge of the same seeming abyss, the same tap, tap, tapping did it again.

What am I talking about? Heather can explain this far better than me. All I know is that just the first part of a technique that she showed me in one single session seems to have the power to lift me by the collar when life is threatening to completely overwhelm me, to a place of safety." Craig T., Derbyshire

Reiki Healing:

Dear Heather, What can I say! I am still in total awe of what happened during my Reiki session last night. It was the most profound, incredible, monumental experience. Thunder and lightning is the perfect metaphor. It is as if a bolt of lightning went straight through me and I feel amazing. I feel empowered, exuberant and full of life; it feels like this could be life-changing. Thank you so much for taking the time to get me to this point. I really am very grateful and also impressed with the gift you obviously have. I will never forget last night. Love, Jane, Sheffield.

Reiki Healing, Hopi Ear Candles:

Heather, a big thank you for excellent treatment and sound advice. Love, J.L., Sheffield.

Reiki Healing:

Dearest Heather, Many thanks for being a brilliant friend. I feel calmer since talking to you! Love and Light, A.R., Chesterfield.

Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies:

Heather, I just wanted to thank you for all your help and support over the last few months. I'm now feeling much better. You have helped me through a very rough time. Thank You! L.W., Sheffield.

Bach Flower Remedies:

My wife is so much easier to live with since gave her the Bach Flower Remedy to help with her menopausal symptoms. Life had become pretty miserable for both of us, so a big 'Thank You'! F.B., Sheffield.

Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies:

Dear Heather, thank you so much for your kindness. With love, L.J., Sheffield.

Reiki Healing, Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies:

Dear Heather, I really appreciate the fact that you are always there for me through thick and thin. It means so much to me. Thanks! Love, S.B., Cheshire.

Bach Flower Remedies:

Wow! What did you put in that flower remedy? My emotions feel completely back where they should be and I've only taken it four times! Thanks! J.L., Kent.

Hopi Ear Candles:

When one of your hobbies is gardening and you take pleaseure in chasing the aphids out of your garden the worst condition you can suffer is hay fever. I was diagnosed at the age of six and the onset of the longer, hotter summers of the last few years has led to six or seven months of misery every year.

I suffered the usual symptoms: the red eyes, sneezing, mucus in the eyes, the runny nose, but at its worst I would suffer terrible headaches and pains in the back of my eyes that would take me to my bed; the summer became a time to dread, not enjoy.

My social life was curtailed, it was a nightmare and all my GP did was give me a different nasal spray or tablet, suggest an injection and then turf me out of the surgery as fast as possible.

I had moved to a house in a village on the outskirts of Sheffield. After four years the local farmer altered his crops from arable to oil seed Rape. The pollen from the oil seed rape made me so ill that I moved house after three summers, my life was non-existent and most nights I was confined to my house to get relief from the pollen.

From being diagnosed I have tried everything to stop or gain relief from, my hay fever. Local honey, wet towels hung up in rooms to catch the pollen, ionisers, pollen filters, homeopathy, injections, some concoction from a Chinese herbalist that didn't cure the hay fever but made me belch 24/7 and at the last count, 23 different types of antihistamines, even ones that are only sold in America and Japan. The tablets helped but caused sinusitis and made me even more miserable.

In 2003 I went to Las vegas and read a book about the Hopi Indians and their alternative medical remedies. On my return there was an article in The Sheffield Telegraph on Heather and Aqua Detox and I made an appointment. The initial meeting established that one of my main concerns was my hay fever.

Now when you meet someone for the first time and they tell you they want to light a Hopi ear candle in your ear, you are a combination of being highly sceptical, looking for the nearest exit and just checking to make sure that there isn't a spare straight jacket in the corner of the room that the therapist had escaped from earlier in the day! But on the other hand, perhaps these Hopi Indian geezers and Heather knew something I didn't? It was April and the symptoms had already started and I was prepared to try anything once.

Having the candle in your ear is a comfortable, but unusual experience. The burning at the top of the candle draws out the wax from the ear. It is a bit like a fire being drawn up a chimney. I can hear the releasing of the wax as it is moving, it is like a gentle crackling sound that only you can hear. It is followed by Indian head massage during which I always find myself drifting off.

Then we open the candles and see what has been drawn out. I never cease to be amazed, lumps of hardened wax and the relief, like a clean feeling. Sometimes I even find some wax on my pillow case the next morning when more surplus wax has found its way out.

Now I am not sure how this helps my hay fever and there will be those physocians who say this is bunkum, but I have not had a day in bed ill with hay fever since I started the Hopi ear candles, nor any sinusitis. My head feels clearer, but I do still have to take antihistamines and have the occasional sneezing and itchy eyes. The aphids in the garden are history and the summer social life exists.

Heather and the Hopi Indians, Thank You! J. Thomas, Sheffield.

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